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Porter Deal is a horticulturist bringing over 30 years of wisdom, care, and experience to your yard as the proprietor of Decatur Gardener.

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Are you looking for a better solution to your home lawn care than the service you've been receiving from traditional landscaping companies?  You should never have to ask for quality work that is consistent or attentive to detail. Genuine care should be the standard, and at Decatur Gardener, that is only our starting point.

We understand that you need a lawn care plan that works cohesively across your yard while still taking care of the individual details of each plant.  Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality service through our revolutionary and fully customized comprehensive care program.

Commitment To Quality

We are more than your typical lawn care service.  Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality service custom tailored to your needs by our experts.  You no longer have to worry about picking all the individual pieces of your yard's care by hand.  Our revolutionary program will take that burden off of you, leaving you relaxed and confident that your yard is healthy and thriving while you enjoy the beauty. Our comprehensive care program customizes a care plan to cover everything you'd ever need for your yard so you don't ever have to worry about it again!

The Next Step Up In Home Lawn Care

Full Service, No-Hassle Lawn Care

There is nothing that we leave undone!  Our team is careful to tend to every aspect of your yard -- no more needing to keep up with the details of when your lawn and plants need care.  The Decatur Gardener is watching for you.

After a consultation and survey of your property, our Master Gardener will give you an estimate with a clear plan of everything that will be taken care of in your yard.

Then, you relax, and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Our team of expert gardeners and landscape specialists will proactively come out at regular intervals to tend to all of your tree, plant, and turf needs.  We are here to be your all-in-one service, delivering the highest quality with the most ease for you.

Our Pricing Model

Because of the unique structure of the service we provide, our pricing model is unique as well.  We do not charge for individual services, but rather, you purchase our holistic yard care service.  This provides you with a customized year-round schedule of yard and landscape services covering all lawn maintenance, weed and pest treatment plans, flower bed care, shrub and tree pruning, debris removal, and more!

Check out the full range of yard work we do, and give The Decatur Gardener a call to schedule your personal lawn care consultation!

The Decatur Gardener services Georgia homes in Decatur, Avondale Estates, Druid Hills, Toco Hills, Agnes Scott, Emory, Lake Claire, and Oakhurst.

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H. Sanders North Druid Hills, GA

After years of fighting with other lawn care companies that damaged my fencing and mailbox and performed inconsistent work on my pruning and edging, I'm SO thankful I found The Decatur Gardener!  I am always pleased with the work they do, and I am confident in the integrity of the workers to be respectful my property while they work.

M. Judson Avondale Estates, GA

This is the best investment I've ever made for my home and my yard.

Porter Deal is considerate of my requests and thorough in his work.  I'm confident my yard is in good hands...it has never looked better!

O. Baker Scottdale, GA

No more calling around for the best product or company for each yard service I need taken care of--nothing tops Decatur Gardener.  Whatever work needs to be done, Porter's team can do!  I love being able to relax and know my yard is tended to without me having to remember when it's time to schedule the next appointment.

Some of Our Most Popular Services Plans Include:

Bi-Weekly Mowing & Edging
Spring Flowerbed Planting & Mulching
Shrub Trimming & Shaping
Annual Aeration & Overseeding
Weekly Fall Leaf Removal
Long Needle Pine Straw Installation

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