Our Comprehensive Care Plan

The Decatur Gardener provides a unique comprehensive care plan to tend to your yards full needs through all seasons of the year.  There is no need to sift through a million services trying to pull together all the pieces you need to cultivate your dream lawn.  When you contact us, we will provide you with a personalized consultation and create one customized plan to care for every piece of your yard.

We are more than your typical lawn care service.  Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality service custom tailored to your needs by our experts.

Our revolutionary program will take all the burden off of you, leaving you relaxed and confident that your yard is healthy and thriving while you enjoy the beauty. Our comprehensive care program customizes a care plan to cover everything you'd ever need for your yard all in one place!

Our philosophy is built off of more than thirty years of experience caring for individual's homes.  We prioritize quality work and attention to every detail.  Our team of expert gardeners is committed to listening to your needs and getting the job done right the first time, so you never have to worry if everything is taken care of again.

Porter Deal the Decatur Gardener

Porter Deal

Master Gardener & Horticulturist

Our Pricing Model

Because of the unique nature of our comprehensive care philosophy, we cannot list pre-set prices for our services.  Our pricing model reflects the quality and scope of the services we bring to you.  You will receive your individual annual quote from us after completion of our personalized care consultation and the assembly of your best comprehensive care plan.

Your Comprehensive Care Plan May Include a Combination of the Following Services:


Core-aerating cool season grasses in the fall and warm season grass in the spring to allow better air circulation and nutrient absorption to create a thick, luscious, healthy lawn

Blow Off Walkways

We clear off your driveway, walkways, entryway, sidewalks, and any other hard, walking surface on your property

Clear Away Overgrowth

We will cut down and remove any overgrowth in your yard or ivy growing along your home structure

Debris Removal

Fallen branches, trees, and any other lawn debris will be collected and taken away

Drainage Repair

We make sure your drainage system is functioning properly and effectively for your landscape


We regularly edge the grass along your driveway, walkways, and front property line


We use our premium fertilizer to nourish your lawn and boost rapid, full growth across your whole yard


We plant and tend to a variety of flowers year round in your yard to keep it looking bright and beautiful

Lawn Mowing

We will mow and edge your lawn at regular intervals to keep that crisp and clean look to your yard

Leaf Removal

We clean up and remove fallen leaves from your yard as needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment for you lawn in the fall


We maintain the mulch around your trees and flowerbeds


We over-seed across varieties of grass to help your lawn to grow the fullest and most robust grass possible throughout the year

Pest Control

We protect your lawn and all your plants from being invaded and destroyed by pests

Pine Straw

We maintain the pine straw around your trees and flowerbeds


We carefully prune the trees and shrubs growing on your property to keep them optimally shaped and growing

Sod Installation

If your lawn needs a makeover, we will till your yard and install all new sod across it for a fresh blanket of vibrant turf grass

Weed Control

We kill and remove weeds from your lawn and flower beds

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