About Our Lawn Health Program

When the weeds or insects get out of control, your lawn suffers, leaving patchy and dull grass. Our lawn health services are a collection of preventative and treatment steps we provide to keep your lawn free of disease, insects, and weeds.

We offer the following lawn treatments for weed control and prevention:

  • Granular Pre-Emergent Weed Control to eliminate weed growth proactively before it even starts!
  • Weed Killer Treatment to eliminate the weeds growing throughout your yard
  • Fertilizer to boost the growth of your turfgrass so weeds can't grow back
  • Fungicide to protect plants and lawn from fungus
  • Insecticide to protect plants from insect damage
  • Fire Ant Treatment to keep your lawn safe and clear of ant hills
  • Contact us if you have other weed control needs

Why Pre-Emergent Treatment?

Preemergent herbicide goes beyond just killing weeds growing in your yard.  Pre-emergent applied in the early months of the year inhibits weeds from taking root and growing in the first place. This eliminates the weed battle throughout the summer as only your beautiful, luscious grass is allowed spring up across your lawn.


Our Lawn Health services are included in your Comprehensive Care Plan.

If you have any questions about your weed control or grass fertilization treatments, please reach out to Porter and he will be happy to discuss your service.

To learn more about our wholistic landscaping program, please visit our Comprehensive Care Plan page or Request a Consultation Call with Porter Deal.

We provide residential landscape & lawn service in the following areas of
Dekalb County and Gwinnett County, Georgia:

Oakhurst, GA (30030)

Decatur, GA (30030)

North Decatur, GA (30033)

Avondale Estates, GA (30002)

Emory, GA (30307)

Lake Claire, GA (30307)

Toco Hills, GA (30306)

Druid Hills, GA (30306)

North Druid Hills, GA (30329)

Scottdale, GA (30079)

Smoke Rise, GA (30087)

Tucker, GA (30084)